I found this on the Internet. Can you translate it for me?
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  1. Consigue un trabajo. Ve a trabajar. Cásate. Ten niños. Sigue la moda. Actúa con normalidad,. Anda sobre la acera. Ve la televisión. Obedece la ley. Ahorra para cuando seas viejo.
    Ahora repite después de mí: "Soy libre"

  2. Well done Marina!! Good night and see you tomorrow!!

  3. Hey! How do you do? I saw the image above and reminded me to this, check it out:


    We could be manipulated by goverments to be some kind of machine that lives to work, but y'know, at least we live, there are others that are in a worse situation than you.

  4. Hello Mario! How are you doing? Thanks very much for attaching the picture. I think I'm going to include it so that students can also translate it. Manipulated or not, it's quite interesting to have such information.. Thanks again and see you around!