Dear people,

Hope you´re enjoying your summer holidays.
I saw this website on the other day and I thought I would be a good idea to share it and comment on how it works. It's a good tool to learn vocabulary through music videos, films and books.

First of all, what you need to do is find the website. Just click:


Next step, register with your email address.
Now they will ask you to choose your native language, Spanish in your case.
You can choose between videos and books and then the different categories.
Imagine you choose a music video. You can click on a word you don't understand and then you will see the translation immediately. If you click on "add to learning" all these words will be stored in "my library" section, which is situated next to your user name.
If you choose a book it's quite similar. You start reading and click on the words you don't know. The translation will come out straight away and then you choose "add to learning" so it goes to "my library".
This way, you will create a virtual notebook with the new vocabulary you've learnt in a very easy way, next to its translation.

Why don't you try?

Hope you like it.


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