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  1. Hey ho! Let's go! Hey ho! Let's go! Actually I never liked Ramones so much, I mean they were cool and else, but I don't like that freaking energy all the time :3 Let's say they ruled and were cool as much as their songs used to last: no more than 2 minutes :] And now let's stop rambling and start talking, knowing the difference between those: I think you know me, I'm Mario, from IES La Rosaleda. The kind of student that used to never show up in class, yes, that is. Well I have two reasons why I'm writing this: first I still have the book you borrowed to me like 1 and a half year ago. And the best part of this is that I've not finished it yet. Yea, I'm such a disaster. The second thing I have to say is that I'm moving to London. As you can see, this comment escalates quickly as you read it. I got a job there thanks to a friend of mine who's woking there. I met him in Counter-Strike, an online first person shooter game. It's not a nice one, I'll be a dishwasher, but I have to start from somewhere, even if it's from the bottom :] The thing is, as you were an English teacher of mine (for a week or two, but that doesn't count [have I ever mentioned how hard is typing «doesn't» for me? Think I've never said so I say it now: I's hard for me to type it]) and you were waaaaaaay nicer than most people I've met in that school (heh, you even borrowed me something :D) I though I should make you know hoooooow far I've reached (still I have no bach... soooo sad, however it's hard to study with tinnitus, really. I'm retaking them next year, though). Well, my flight is on December, 8th. Hope you are doing great! Hope to see you again! Greetings! ^^

    Also: yo students who could read this, learn English. I know nothing but to write pretty damn well (and yes, I'm quite narcissistic with that) and English, and that's been enough for finding a job nowadays. So stop complaining about phrasal verbs and that weird thing called Past Perfect Continuous and understand them! Just a tip! :^)

  2. Hello Mario!! It's sooo nice to hear from you again.. It's really good news to know you're starting a new life in England. See, we have a rotten country here, so why not giving it a chance in the UK? It's probably going to be hard in the beginning, but you've got nothing to lose, have you? I think the dishwasher job is great to start with..Very soon, you'll be dealing with clients and that will make you learn a lot. You know? I used to work in Mac Donald's when I was an Erasmus student, and that's the best English course you can have. I really wish you the best in this new adventure of yours. About the book, don't worry at all.. (I have to say that I completely forgot about it)
    You've got my email address there, so please keep in contact and let me know how you're doing and if there's anything I can help you with.
    I wish you the best,